Integrity and the IT guy

We were contracted to recreate the website of one of our clients. Although we were able to bring up the new website, we asked the IT personnel of our client to provide us a copy of their old content. We wanted to repost them on the new site.

I started the first 10 years of my career in IT and I know that this request takes a few minutes. Just search for the pages and linked photos and that’s it. The IT personnel of our client said that he will send them over. A week passed by and when reminded he said the same thing.

A few more weeks passed by and I decided to copy the owner of the company is my request. The IT guy finally replied and said that he emailed it over but it the email bounced. I replied back saying that from the hundreds of emails I get, he was the only one that could not get through. I then replied that I have another email address with him that I am reading his reply from. Why didnt he send the files to both email address.

The email address that he was referring to is automatically forwarded to a central email address. Technically, it was impossible that a forwarding email could bounce. The email is not received at the original inbox server. It is bring forwarded to another email address that he said could be reached. He said that the email I use as a central email address did not bounce. He was trying to get away with the fact that he did not do his job. What he forgot was that I used to be a computer programmer and could see through his technical excuses.

The irony of this story is that IT guy is still under probationary period. He clearly lacks integrity. If he works for me and tried to get away with not doing his job then I will think twice before hiring him. On top of that, he tried to cover up his action with a clear attempt to decieve me with a lame technical excuse. That shows lack of integrity. Such a person best work somewhere else.

I guess what I am trying to say is this:
1. No matter what kind of job we are in, it is our duty to do great work to the best of our ability.
2. If we genuinely fail to deliver then acknowledge it and prevent it from happening again.
3. If we genuinely fail to deliver then be honest about the reason. Don’t bullshit.
4. Focus on finding, keeping and developing employees with great behaviors and potentials. This is were your successors will come from.

High potential employees are far and few in between. Hold on to them. Develop future leaders.

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