Genuine Leaders Develop Leaders

Often, when employees aspire for a leadership position, it’s usually related to rising in the ranks. Rising the corporate ladder is related to the word ‘leadership’. Such a view is common and sadly flawed. It’s a selfish and self-serving view of leadership.

Leadership is about helping the people around us to rise. It is about developing leaders. True leaders develop leaders. True leaders mean having followers who respect you enough to fight and achieve your vision.

True leadership is about serving, not being served. The adage that ‘there is no success without successors’ holds very true. An organization that does not develop their bench of leaders will eventually falter and fail. The organizations success cannot be sustained when the current leadership starts retiring.

Management guru Jack Welch mentioned in his book that a true leader’s main function is to find and develop potential leaders. Billionaire investor Warren Buffets carefully considers the management or leadership team of the company that he is considering to buy. Warren will only invest in companies that have a strong leadership team. A true leadership team that develops next in-line leaders. Warren’s investments are very long term. It will usually cut across various company leadership regimes. If the current leaders do not care to develop future leaders then it’s companies long term prospect will look weak. The company will not be a viable long term investment.

Great sustaining companies have a culture of leaders developing future leaders. This does not come by accident. Developing future leaders takes persistence, structure and it is intentional. It will not come by chance.

How are you at developing your leaders?

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Have a great day.