Wisdom of a 9-year old

After waiting for a few years and a failed attempt, the wife of a good friend of mine finally got pregnant. However, the last weeks of the pregnancy proved to be challenging. Their baby was delivered five weeks ahead of schedule. This resulted in a more delicate care for the baby. Their baby needed to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks under watchful and dedicated care. We all know that staying for long periods of time in a hospital can be quite costly. My friend does not have full medical coverage with his church’s HMO. As a young pastor, or pastors in general do not really make a lot. Their lives are dedicated to their faith “Honoring God and Making Disciples.”

What makes this season of his life more challenging is that this is the third trial in the last few months. First it was his mom. Then his dad suffered a mild stroke.

I find it amazing that his faith and drive never wavered. My friend was being bombarded with a series of difficult events. Yet, he maintains a positive outlook. When he asks for prayers, it will always be in the context of positive news. He would post something positive and ask for prayers for an even more positive turnout of events.

People with the strongest faith face the heavier challenges. I would often revert to my logical nature and ask myself ‘why is this happening to him?’ I am not asking myself this question in defiance. I am asking out of curiosity.

When I asked our 9-year-old this question. He looked at me and said, ‘Do you remember papa when God was testing Job?’ I said ‘yes’. God was testing his faith. When Job proved himself in the end, God rewarded him. Job received much more than what he lost. Axel reminded me also that even Jesus himself was tested by the Devil. When the Devil asked Jesus to jump from the cliff, Jesus held steadfast.

Whoever said that our youth have no clue as to what is going around them in the world? They are clearly wrong. There is wisdom in our children.


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