Putting People at the Center of Creativity


Coming up with creative solutions, new products and services are often done in haste.
However, Design Thinking designers approach users with the goal of understanding their wants and needs, which might make their life easier and more enjoyable and how technology can be useful for them. Empathic design transcends physical ergonomics to include understanding the psychological and emotional needs of people—the way they do things, why and how they think and feel about the world, and what is meaningful to them. Design thinking does not need to be complicated.
It can be easily applied to work. We simplified the approach to design thinking and called it “creativity@work.ph” or Creativity at Work in the Philippines.
The approach can be applied to an important new service of product development. It can also be applied to simple things like turning six recruitment processes into a one page easy to understand process. It’s so easy to understand that our new recruitment officers are able to do their talent acquisition job very well from day 1.
However; designing and piloting a new product, service or solution is only half the battle. The other half is having a simple process for rolling out the idea. Your innovation is good only on paper unless properly executed.
We connected our effective execution (template-driven) approach to design thinking. Design thinking and effective execution complement each other. Hundreds of employees from dozens of companies are already using our template driven project management made simple tools.
Do you want to know more? We want to hear from you. We want to understand your goals for putting more creativity at work. We want to add value to you and your company.
Reach out and we are more than happy to talk.

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