Pride is the number one hindrance to teachability.

It’s hard to learn when you’re always worried about being right. Pride is the number one hindrance to teachability.

Think about it: when you’re focused on defending your opinions and proving that you’re smart, you’re not actually learning. You’re too busy being defensive and trying to come up with counter-arguments. You might even feel like you’re above learning from others.

But the truth is, nobody knows everything. We all have something to learn, no matter how smart we think we are. The key is to be humble and open-minded, and be willing to admit that we don’t know everything. Only then can we truly learn and grow.

What about you? Are you teachable?

With us, learning begins after the last day of Training. Education is about using and retaining knowledge.
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Work life integration is a better approach than work life balance.

Work life integration. It’s a term we hear a lot lately. But what does it really mean?

For some people, it might mean blending the two spheres together as much as possible. Working from home one day a week, for example, or leaving work a little early to catch a soccer game.

For others, it might mean accepting that the two spheres will never really intersect. That work will always be work and life will always be life. Finding ways to make each as fulfilling as possible is the key.

Either way, work life integration is about finding a way to make our lives feel more balanced. To me, it means not feeling guilty for taking time for myself, even if that time is during work hours. It means being more productive because I’m not constantly stressed out about how I’m going to fit everything in.

What about you? What does work life integration mean to you?

With us, learning begins after the last day of Training. Education is about using and retaining knowledge.
Learning beyond Training at

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Understanding your customer

Understanding your customer

Everyone in business knows that you can’t succeed without a target market. But what does that mean, exactly? And how do you go about finding and understanding your target customers?

Well, the first step is to know your industry. What are the needs of your customers and what are your competitors offering them? Once you have a good understanding of that, you can start to look at customer behavior and buying habits. What are their needs and wants? What are they willing to pay for? What keeps them up at night?

It’s important to remember that no two customers are alike. So it’s essential to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. By knowing your target customers, you can focus your efforts on the right people and create campaigns that resonate with them. And that’s the key to successful marketing!


How clear is your message?

Effective marketing gets your consumers to know your products and buy them. This is digital marketing.

Effective marketing is about getting your products physically into the hands of your consumer. This is professional marketing.

At PMII, this is what we have done best for over 20 years.

Let’s talk about how to get your products into the hands of more consumers. Reach out now.

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