7 tips to be highly productive

four people holding smartphones and tablet
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

1. Have clear and Stretch goals
Highly productive people have clear goals. They place a clear beacon on where they want to be. We are talking about goals that are slightly beyond their reach. They place stretch goals to stretch their capabilities.

2. Knows when to say ‘no’
Highly productive people know that there is a finite number of hours a day, a finite number of days in a week, a finite number of weeks in a month. They understand that their time is precious and is best spent on meaningful work. Work that adds value to their company, customers, employees, their department or other departments.

3. Consistently delivers on their commitment
One very clear differentiator between highly productive people and the rest is their drive to deliver on their promise. It’s sadly commonplace today to see people that do not deliver on their commitment. Commitments are taken lightly by most people. These people are usually the ones that are stuck in their careers. After all, who would want to promote someone who cannot deliver on commitment?

4. Results-driven
Highly productive people focus on results and do not use effort as an excuse. They do not hide behind their ‘seemingly’ massive efforts to deliver. At the end of the day, highly productive people understand that it’s results that matter more.

5. Holds oneself accountable
Highly productive people do not point fingers to anyone when things fall apart. They are the first to hold themselves accountable for their performance and the performance of the people that report to them.

6. Manages risks
Highly productive people regularly think about what can go wrong and put preventive measures in place. They are not negative people who simply give up because of what may go wrong. They understand that risks usually causes delays in plans. Highly productive people plan ahead and figure out what to do with the roadblocks and speed bumps they will be encountering.

7. Collaborates well with others
Highly productive people appreciate the fact that you cannot succeed on your own. You need to work closely with colleagues. Productivity is raised through collaboration with others. Success is delivered through a team effort.


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