Finding time vs Making time


Too often, I hear people claiming how busy they are. Often times, important activities or deliverables are missed because of how busy people claim to be. So called ‘busy’ people seemingly cannot find time to do the important things in their life, things that truly matter.

If you pay attention to people who are successful or are truly happy, you will hear that when something is important to them they will make time for it. Successful and happy people make time for what is important. How often will you witness the grade school graduation of your child? How about the school play where he plays the ‘tree’ in one of the scenes? Despite playing the role of a tree, he anxiously looks for your smiling and proud face in the audience.

These people make the time for really important company projects. They make time for these initiatives because they know the value it brings the company. Successful people do not necessarily join all projects since that would be silly. They find the right projects to participate in and make the time for it.

Truly successful people make the time to work out and try stay fit. They make time to read a book and feed their mind. They make time to call their parents and ask them how they are doing. They make time for family dinners. They make time to bond with their children. They make time on what matters most.

After all, time is finite. You don’t find time to do something that is important. You make the time.

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