The Power of a positive mindset

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Are you an optimist? A Stanford research shows that students perform better in math exams when they have a positive attitude towards math. The researchers showed data linking positive attitude to performance. The researchers said that “Having a positive attitude acts directly on your memory and learning system.”
In my life, I have never encountered a truly successful pessimist. Some pessimists may seem to be successful but if you dig deep down, their success was not a result of their effort. It could have been a result of DNA (inheritance) or luck (married to wealth). If you have the chance to watch Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or any other great leader speak you will notice that they are literally oozing with positive energy. They look at problems as challenges to conquer. They do not allow failure to take over their minds. They do not bicker or complain.
How do you foster a positive mindset? Well, you can start with the following:
1. Foster a strong relationship with God. A strong relationship with our maker always produces hope. There is always hope that there is nothing impossible with God.
2. Stay away from negative people. They tend to ‘drain’ your positive energy. They dump their woes of the world on you. They would complain about everything from their boss to the traffic situation, spouse and neighbor. Well ‘misery loves company.’ They want others to be as miserable as them.
3. Read biographies of successful people. There are few things as inspirational and positive than a successful life that started in adversity.
4. Always keep your eye on the benefits or value of what you are doing. Does your work glorify the provider of your blessings? Does your work glorify God?
5. Keep your mind occupied with learning new things. Do not dwell on negative news from nay-sayers. News sells by sensationalizing and scaring its readers.
Do you want to make the best out of your life? Do you want to share the resulting blessings with your love ones, family, friends, and colleagues? Start with having a positive mind.

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