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For the last few months, we had been encouraging our team members to seek our APEX (be authentic, be purpose driven and be excellent) values being exhibited by our colleagues. Values are useless unless they are lived by people. Values are useless unless it is rooted into a culture.

Every weekly meeting, we encourage sharing stories of colleagues having lived one of the three values in the past week. We entice this behavior, in the beginning, with prizes hoping that one day the values become a norm in the company.

This week, after three of our colleagues sharing their story, it struck on me that I had witnessed a colleague from HR exhibiting all three values. Let me share her story.

Last weekend, our team members went to EK for a day of de-stressing in our local theme park. On the drive home, my colleague from HR shared something interesting. Apparently, she is an avid learner. She enjoys jotting down tips every Monday, during our team meetings. She was so enthused with her learning opportunity at work that she could not contain it to herself. On every opportunity that arises, she would energetically share her learnings with her friends.

She believes deep in her heart that learning is an opportunity that should be visibly celebrated through sharing knowledge with others. It is not enough that we learn something new. The true values come from sharing knowledge with others. She does not need to share. However, she is always compelled by her conviction to share her learnings for the week.

Veng is authentic, she cannot contain her passion to share her learnings with others.

Veng has a clear purpose to help others.

Veng is excellent as she purposefully learns new things in order to get better in life and at work.

Veng has shown us one way of living all three values. Thank you, Veng.










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