A Great Strategy Alone Won’t Win the Game

Every year many companies struggle with the Execution of their Strategies. Dozens of entrepreneurs come up with great ideas and spend all their time creating and fine tuning detailed business and Strategic plans.

Don’t get me wrong. Carefully crafted Strategies and Plans are essential to business success. However, making plans and setting goals is the easy part of the process. The hard part comes in taking the necessary action to turn these plans into reality. The challenge comes in the form of execution.

Remember the Story of Belling the Cat? The Mice started brainstorming how to deal with the danger of the cat. They came up with a great plan. They would hang a bell around the cat’s neck. Whenever they hear the bell, they know that danger is nearby. One mouse asked “who is going to hang the bell around the cat’s neck”?

It can be easy to come up with great plans However, it’s not always easy to execute them.

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