Make a Difference

Salt and Light Ventures and I are working on an inexpensive public workshop that will help attendees make a difference in their life and the life of the people around them. It applies simplified best management practices into the way we live our day to day life.

Here is a simple outline to give you an idea. We are still fine tuning this. We will blast this in the next few weeks.

Make a Difference

Program Overview
Most of us go through life just going with the flow. Events around us tend to irritate us. We talk to friends and relatives about the traffic situation, high cost of education, security, our boss, corruption, snail paced government agencies and so on.

What most of us forget to include in our conversations are possible solutions. Discussion on how we can make our world a better place. Ideas on how we can make our life a better life. We are so engrained in so much negative talk that we miss out on opportunities to make things better.

“Be the change you wan to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

In our workshop, we will show you how to improve the way we look at our lives and the world around us. Together, we will work on identifying what is really important for us. We will also discuss how we can achieve goals that are important for us.

You may be in for a surprise. A number of best management practices can be applied to our personal life.

See you there.


Key Learning Objectives
– Turning your frown into a smile
– Learning how to identify clear and balanced goals
– Figuring out how to achieve your goals
– Understanding how to overcome obstacles
– Applying a simplified version of management best practices into day to day living

Who Should Attend
– Everyone who wish to make a difference in their life and the life of the people around them. That’s you.

The Difference
– What do you want? Visioning (Painting a clear picture of where you want you our life to be)
– Where are you now? SWOT Analysis (identifying your strengths that can lead to opportunities, weaknesses that can pose as a threat)
– What is stopping you? Risk Management (what can go wrong with your goals/plans and how to mitigate them)
– How do you get there? Planning (what actions to take and how to prioritize them)
– Forward one step at a time. Execution (reviewing progress and adjusting your plans)

Make a Difference
– Sharing your blessings. Reaping the benefits (big and small results needs to be shared with others)

– Interactive workshop. As we go through the tools and tips, we will be applying them to each participant. We all have our own unique circumstances and goals.
– Coming out with a clear and simple plan to improve our lives and careers.
– In the end; you go home with a goal, a plan and a clear understanding on how to execute.