Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t have a bigger paper

Daniel Humm

When asked at a young age to draw a house on a piece of paper, Daniel Humm asked for a more extensive paper. His teacher told him to draw on the paper he had, just like everyone else in the classroom. He was not getting a bigger paper. He draw a house four times the size of the paper. He drew off the table and everything.

His teacher asked him to leave the classroom. Daniel was then asked to go to therapy. He met an amazing woman in therapy. She got upset with the teacher. They ran to an art store to buy the biggest paper and writing instruments. They drew a huge house. She told Daniel “do not let anyone tell you that there isn’t a big enough paper.”

Daniel dropped out from school at 14, ran away from home at 15, became a dad at 18. He was working in kitchens at 20.

He quotes, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller

His original passion was cycling. Unfortunately, an accident forced Daniel to reassess his career path. Daniel never gave up, got a job at a restaurant. He worked hard learning to be a chef with no formal education.

Today, Daniel owns the famous Eleven Madison Park restaurant (Three Michelin stars). He also owns The NoMad and Daniel Davies and Brook. Recently he opened a Vegan restaurant that earned a three Michelin star.

Feel free to listen to his podcast interview. He is living an amazing journey.

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