Optimism fueled by Practicality is unstoppable – a great GaryVee podcast episode

Lessons from a recent podcast episode of GaryVee.

• Great content is either Useful Information or Entertaining. Better yet, it’s both.

• If you want people to engage with your content, engage first with them. Leave an interesting comment. Do this every day.

• Content must be selfless, not selfish.

• Are you posting content for yourself or your others?

• Content is about creating awareness.

• Attention is real estate. If you are not acquiring real estate, your brand will not get very far.

• What you say is essential. Talk about something you know and are passionate about.


We have read various copies of the lessons above many times. We all hear content is supposed to be for customer consumption and not an expression of vanity. Yet, most postings are about ourselves. Most are not putting our educational or entertaining content.

Check it out. All content with very high engagements is either educational or entertaining. The ones that are both are super viral.

Why aren’t we doing what needs to be done? Do we expect our social media presence to grow and not put in the effort to create the right content?

Transform lives with your content.

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