Knowing your purpose is liberating

Magnetic compass and paper tag written with PURPOSE text on old wooden background. A concept.

‘Igniting potentials’ is my life’s purpose. For the longest time, I know I have a purpose in life. Deep inside, I know I’m not a mushroom that grew in the dark under a massive tree. Our life is not like a paper boat floating in a river. The boat is dragged to where the water decides to take you.

We all have a purpose. We are all here for a reason, and it’s not just to take up space. We are not on earth to consume air, food, and water. Are you aware of your purpose? When I ask this from my workshop participants, I get two general responses.

A few participants pause for a few seconds and shyly say ‘no.’ They don’t know their purpose. They feel they have one, but they don’t know what it is.

The second group replies, ‘yes.’ This group then continues to state their purpose. It usually takes a bit of time to describe their purpose. Sometimes, they would cite examples to drive the point. However, when asked to state their purpose in a sentence, they would pause. A blank stare would ensue for a few seconds. Some try but fail to explain their purpose in a clear, straightforward manner.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
Albert Einstein

The second key to articulating your purpose is to simplify it. 

Let’s go back to my purpose, ‘igniting potentials.’ Two simple words yet so powerful for me. If you take the two words apart, it does not mean much. Together, it helps define what fulfills me. Put together; they possess power that fuels me. 

Before I was able to articulate my purpose, I always enjoyed mentoring individuals with great potential. Leadership or motivational workshops I design and facilitate energize me. I feel alive during and after my workshops. I enjoy doing public talks. I currently run a program called Servant Leadership for free. I gladly do this for my Fellowship group. If money is not an issue, I am confident that we will gladly do our purpose free of charge. 

There is an approach to help you articulate your purpose. I ran this framework last week with two of my mentees. Their reaction was nothing short of amazement. They said that decision-making for them became more manageable. They now have a basis when making life decisions. They have clarity. They can identify which things in their life is aligned to their purpose and what is not. One of them said it was liberating. 

How about you? Are you clear about your purpose? Can you state it in two simple yet meaningful words? 

If you are interested in articulating your life purpose, reach out to me. Better yet, I may write an instructional article on how to do it yourself. 

Stay safe, 

Jordan Imutan (blog) (email) 
@jordanimutan (social media) 

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