Communication is key

t is not a coincidence that influential leaders are great communicators. Great companies have leaders that are great communicators. They understand the importance of timely and transparent communication.

Transparency and alignment:

When I was still working for the largest commercial Bank in the Middle East, our CEO would hold townhall meetings with 200 or so Bank executives. Abdulkarim will meet us every quarter and walk us through the company performance of the previous quarter. He also carefully outlines his aspiration for the coming quarter and the rest of the year. This allowed us, the Banks executives, to sync our Division goals to the Company goals.

Learning from mistakes:

We learn more from mistakes than we do from our successes. It is no wonder that companies that do not learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them. Not once, but repeatedly. The best companies in the world takes the time to assess projects and marketing campaigns post implementation. They learn from each experience and share this knowledge with others.

Know thyself and verify:

It is important that managers assess themselves honestly every now and then. We need to have the humility to assess their own performance and get feedback from the people we manage. That takes courage and wisdom. Not to mention, the tons of learning that can be achieved and improvements applied.

Some final tips on getting better at communicating in our organization:
Does our messages align to our core values? Do we walk the talk?
Am I saying something that’s new and exciting?
Are we authentic when we communicate?
Am I sending my message to the correct people using the right medium?
Am i keeping my humility in check as I have healthy discussions?

After all, effective communication is all about the recipient. Is my message clear and understood by my audience? That’s what matters.