Keep your mind sharp

Keep your mind sharp and open to new ideas, make it a point to read a book every month. It doesn’t matter if it is a novel, a biography, or a self-help book. What is important is that you develop the habit of reading. If you are one of the lucky ones who developed the habit at a young age then kudos to you. Keep it up! If not, it is never to late to start getting into reading.

If you are really not into reading books, then choose other kinds of reading material. There are many quality magazines out there with interesting articles. If you prefer to read on your tablet, there are thousands of e-books waiting to be discovered online. Why not go for audiobooks? With audiobooks you can listen on your commute to work or even while you are driving.

I personally go for self-help and motivational books. These books actually inspired me to create my own self-help book (which I hope is helping!). To make sure I remember what I read, I jot down the books’ titles on my electronic journal called Evernote. it also helps to jot down lessons learned from books I read.

As you progress in your career, never neglect to make time for reading. It is one of the best ways to “exercise” your brain and continually learn new ideas.