How big is your commitment gap?

The gap between what an aspiring leader commits to and what he/she actually does makes a great difference in determining their success. The bigger the gap, the less likely the success. The smaller the gap, the more likely the success.

In my years mentoring both high potential employees and executives alike, successful mentees have a number of common traits for instance; great communication skills, are able to influence others, ability to execute plans, takes accountability, simplifies a complex discussion, humble and so on.

One very interesting trait of successful mentees, I noticed, is their focus on having a very small or non-existing gap between what they say they will do and what they actully do. When they commit an action to a specific date, chances are, they deliver. No need to chase them on their target dates. They take pride on delivering to their commitment.

Their superiors are able to rely on them because they deliver. They get things done. They are true to their word.

Their peers and subordinates can rely on their commitment. They will not leave you hanging. They deliver.

In this world of excuses, finger pointing and moving targets they stand out. They rise up the corporate ladder. They succeed.

How about you? How small is your gap?