A winner knows what he will need to learn.

What does it take to be a winner? It’s not about natural talent or being born into privilege. It’s about knowing what you need to learn and then learning it.

The truth is, nobody is born a winner. Winners are made, through hard work and deliberate development of themselves. They know they need to learn new things in order to win, and they put in the effort to make that happen.

If you want to be a winner, start by identifying the areas you need to develop. What skills do you need to learn? What mindsets do you need to adopt? What character traits do you need to strengthen?

Once you know what you need to learn, get started! There is no time like the present to start making progress towards your goals. The only thing stopping you is yourself. So start learning today and become a winner tomorrow.

What about you? What do you need to learn?

With us, learning begins after the last day of Training. Education is about using and retaining knowledge.
Learning beyond Training at pocph.com

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