Learning is forever

Many people are eager to finish schooling and start earning their keep. Entering the workforce after at least sixteen years of schooling is a welcome experience. However, a very long teaching period made some of us allergic to education. As a result, many of us think good riddance; I am finally free from sitting and listening to teachers.

That is quite unfortunate, though. Education never ends. What we learned from school has evolved. As we go through life, new skills have to be discovered. New leadership competencies must be developed as we go up the corporate ladder. The world never stops. Developing ourselves should never cease. To evolve, adapt and improve, we need to embrace lifelong learning.

What about you? When did you stop learning?

We believe that learning does not end with training. Instead, learning should begin after the training ends.
Education is about using and retaining knowledge.
Learning beyond Training at pocph.com

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