Coming up with good ideas

According to studies, the first idea to solve a problem is not always the best idea. We need to be comfortable coming up with many ideas.

We habitually stick to one idea that we automatically discount other ideas.

Let’s take juggling as an analogy. The first lesson in juggling is dropping the ball a hundred times. The juggler needs to get desensitized to drop the ball.

To come up with good ideas, we need to break out of the habit of just coming up with one idea.

Practice coming up with at least ten ideas for a problem every day. It does not matter if the idea is good or bad. We are building our idea generation muscle.

Inputs matter. If you have the same inputs or information, then your ideas will be limited. Expose yourself to different inputs.

When in a meeting, debating over a problem using the same set of data is fruitless. You will still come up with the same set of ideas.

An idea is a connection between the different things we know. The more the input variety, the more ideas you can come up with.

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