Are you capturing attention or creating demand?

Sometimes, marketing can be a tricky subject for most companies. The jargon and the skills needed can vary a great deal. One basic principle in Marketing is attention. Marketing begins with getting the attention of your target market. If there is no attention, then there is no paying customer. There is a second, more challenging approach. It’s similar to the principle of Blue Water marketing. A more effective method is creating demand for your product or service. Think of Apple or Samsung; they do awareness campaigns for their products. However, every once in a while, they introduce a product they hope will generate demand. Recently, until I got the Samsung Fold 4, I never thought that my iPad would get replaced by a more practical gadget. Now, with the Fold 4, I find it more convenient to work from my phone than my tablet. I don’t need to bring an extra gadget when I leave home. Samsung created a demand for a phone that brings the practicality of a tablet. After I got my Samsung, I seldom brought my tablet with me. What about your company? How are you creating attention or demand with your product or services?

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