Learning Beyond Training – the UVP

Guys, let’s use our BizsproutPH.com community to share findings and Entrep experience. We are starting a training company. We know that many business start-ups are already competing in this industry.

Recently, we wanted to bring our ability to train into the public market. PMII has been fine-tuning its ability to train thousands of MedReps for 20 years.

I’m also an advocate of continuous adult education. Years ago, I attended a program that helped participants articulate their purpose. My purpose is ‘igniting potential.’

We wanted to bring learning one notch higher. What is one of the most significant weaknesses in training? It’s the student’s willingness and opportunity to apply what they learned. I also notice this after training hundreds of people in my career.

We decided to craft a UVP for our training services. As discussed, Startups need to differentiate themselves.

For the coming year, the focus on the in-house and external paid training we will conduct is the application of learning. Therefore, we created a follow-up process involving the student and their manager. Regular checkpoints will be established to get feedback from the student and their direct manager. In addition, we will track how the learnings are being applied.

In marketing, you need to capture your UVP into a tagine you can use in your communication plan. So we decided to use ‘Learning Beyond Training’ initially – you don’t stop learning after your training has concluded.

As we progress, we will continue to update the group and my blog on this journey for real-life learning.


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