How do you create a brand image?

Thank you, Lance, for your question “how do you create a  brand image when you are still starting up?”

When you are starting up a business, you first need to get the basics in place. Your business model needs to be created before anything else. You will find it very difficult to create a brand personality if you are not clear about your business.

The sections from your business model that will help craft a good brand persona are the customer avatar, their problem statement, your solution to their problem, and what makes you different (your unique value proposition).

To create your brand, you need to understand your business very well. It will be created from the personality of the business and its founders.

If you were able to attend our Building your brand attribute workshop last July 19,  what I’m saying above falls under the first three steps;
1. Know yourself or your business
2. Choose to be a specialist over a generalist
3. Know your customer

Now that you have a clear business model, you can now go to step 4, define your brand identity.

After you accomplish the first four steps, you need to get the attention of your target customer.

You will then need to craft your origin story as step 5. The best story to write at this point is your origin. Why did you start the business? What’s your mission?

To get the attention of your target customers, you need to understand which channels they are in. As an example, let’s say you are a B2b company. Your prospects might be more on LinkedIn rather than on Facebook.

You need to have a framework to get your brand out there in the market. You need to create a marketing strategy and plans. You can use one of the best marketing frameworks fondly called AIDA.

This standard is for attention, interest, desire, and action. You get your prospect’s attention, get them interested in what you offer, get them to desire it, and get them to act on your call to action.

Let’s reserve the steps in crafting a marketing strategy and marketing plans for another time.

Thank you again Lance for your question. Please feel free to send more voice questions.

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