Thinking out load, The Origin story

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I sometimes encounter people that are not open to learning new things. For them, learning stops when they leave college. As a result, they feel embarrassed to ask questions or attend learning sessions even if they are free. 

I feel bad for them because they are missing a lot. They can avoid mistakes others made and take the proper steps to help more successful people. 

Of course, there is the other type of people. Some have the humility to learn. They intend to put their new knowledge into practice. This podcast is dedicated to us lifelong learners. It’s for us that know and appreciate that we don’t know everything. 

Life is fascinating and offers something new to learn every day. 

I am amazed by his insight when listening to Gary Vee’s podcast. 

Interestingly, he is an avid observer of life.

He pays close attention to the people around him. Gary actively looks for lessons to be learned. I find his approach fascinating. His unapologetic honesty is refreshing. Of course, his messages would be more welcome without the F-bombs. Haha 

One of the things I love doing is designing and facilitating workshops, both free and paid. I enjoy sharing knowledge with others. Of course, if I were super-rich, all my workshops and consulting would be free.

My life purpose is: 

“transforming lives through continuous learning.” 

Tell you what? Let’s learn together. This way, we don’t make the same mistakes. It also helps us plan and improves every aspect of our life. 

Please feel free to leave me a question or a message. 

I invite you to take the time every day and see what you learned from the day. 

Have a great day. Peace.

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