The enemy of progress is hesitation

Sometimes we look back at our life and think that we could have accomplished more things. We feel that there were things that we should have done but did not do.

I have done this retrospecting now and then. But, if you think about it, one of the significant causes of regret is that we stopped dead in our tracks in doing something.

We think of something fascinating that you want to do or accomplish. We plan for it. We put in the time and effort for it, and when we were about to embark on it, we hesitated. Then we stop. We postpone it for whatever reason. Finally, we get busy and forget it altogether.

One day, you meet one of your friends who seems to be getting in shape from boxing. First, you do a quick search of all boxing gyms around you. Then, you call each one and see which one you can afford or can accommodate your free time. Then, you research the gloves and the gear you want to buy.

On the day you plan to enroll, you hesitate and push back to the following week. You did not want to disrupt your next few days because you needed to focus on a project you needed to complete

The following week comes, and you have other excuses to push back. After a while, your boxing workout project is forgotten. Years later, you think. I could have been in better shape today if I had pursued my boxing interest. Regret seeps in.

The only cure to hesitation is just one thing, do it. That’s it. Just do it before you start hesitating and making all kinds of excuses.

In the book the 5-second rule, the author gives a straightforward yet powerful solution. She said that when you want to do something significant, count backward from 5 to 1. When you reach 1, do it. She noted that scientifically our brains are wired to protect us from change. As we count backward, our brains are occupied with counting that it does not have time to come up with excuses. When you reach ‘one’ and do it, then the brain no longer has the power to hold us back.

Pay attention to your thoughts. See if you are holding yourself back from doing something important or valuable. Then, even before you get the urge to come up with excuses, count backward and do it. Your life will be more fulfilling and happy for it.

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