The value of learning comes from application

“The doer alone learneth.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Time and again, we have a piece of knowledge or information we wish we knew. We are at a loss on how to motivate our team. We can’t figure out how to prepare and execute an effective presentation. Our level of expertise helps propel our careers and life.

When we do get that nugget of knowledge that can make a difference in our lives, we would usually do one of two things.

We continue our fascination with it for a few weeks or even months. After that, we allow it to fizzle out without a fighting chance.

Or we put the knowledge to use. We understand that learning is useless unless it is put into action.

Putting learning into action improves our lives, our careers, and the lives of the people that look up to us.

Let us remember that learning is not the key to a better life. It’s the application of the learning.

Have a great day!

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