Decisions of a Servant Leader

“It is important for us to have leaders with the Fear and the Love of God.”
Major Vico Sotto

Our Victory Pastor Marc Constantino shared a story about our Mayor Vico Sotto in todays 9 am service. Pastor Marc had a friend that was working on-site at a public works program. It happened that Mayor Vico Sotto dropped by to check how the program was coming along.

Pastor Marc’s friend was able to have a brief conversation with the Mayor. After a few minutes, Mayor Vico Sotto was asked why he did not have a big banner on the site saying “A project of Mayor Vico Sotto.” I am certain that you have seen such banners in different cities. The former Mayors of Pasig used to love having such banners all over the city.

Mayor Vico Sotto politely smiled and said that he could not do that. He cannot put up a banner saying that it was his project. This project is funded by the people of Pasig. It was not right to claim that it was his project.

This is a far cry from the other mayors who blatantly claim credit over the public works in the city as their project. They dare to claim this even when the funding is coming from the taxpayers of the city.

People seated in positions of power want to hold on to power. That’s where the problem begins. It’s no longer about serving their people. It’s not about servant leadership. It is now about self-serving leadership. This is when greed creeps in. This is when decisions are no longer beneficial for the people they serve. Decisions are now swayed by personal interest.

Pastor Marc wonderfully stated a question to ask ourselves when making decisions – “Does my decision glorify God or does it glorify me?”

Leaders from organizations, corporations, governments fall into the same trap. Do their decisions honor God and the people they lead? Are their decisions wise with the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Are their decisions based on just knowledge on how they can better their lives?

It’s unfortunate to see them claim that what they are doing is for the common good. They would show themselves as sacrificing for the people they lead. Are they? Do their decisions glorify God?

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Proverbs 9:10

For as long as leaders do not have the humility to fear and lean on the Lord for wisdom then their intentions are questionable. Their decisions are questionable no matter what they claim. 

For as long as leaders do not serve the people they lead then they are quietly serving themselves.

Let me leave you with two points:

  1. Leaders, fear the Lord and you will be able to decide wisely.
  2. Leaders, your decisions should glorify the Lord.

This is one of the pillars of true servant leadership.

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