Coaching in the New Normal

In today’s new normal; leaders, managers, and staff are facing ever challenging times. This holds for both their personal and professional life.

At times, we go through our internal crisis alone not having anyone to reach out to. Firefighting and making tough decisions can take their toll. We sometimes feel that going to our superiors or peers is a show of weakness.

Even if we reach out to our colleagues, being in the same boat results in the same understanding of the situation and the same advice.

As a member of Victory Christian Fellowship or VCF, we have what we call a fellowship group. We help each other in our Christian walk. We help each other understand scripture. When one of us is facing difficulties, we all try to help.

There is always a need to reach out to an unbiased individual who can listen in confidence. Someone with enough experience to help navigate the current situation by asking the right questions. Someone with enough credibility and knowledge to tell you exactly what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. Someone who has coached a wide variety of positions and nationalities. Someone who has coached company Presidents to middle managers.

We cannot know everything. We are not designed to shoulder all of life’s challenges alone.

Go reach out to a professional coach.

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