“Change before you have to.” — Jack Welch

transformThe premise of the book ‘What got you here won’t get you there’ from Marshal Goldsmith is that whatever formula you came up with to get to where you are may no longer apply for the next level of your journey. This applies to both work and career alike.

For instance, you sharpened your selling skills when you were still selling insurance products for a Bank. Your boss decides to promote you to a sales manager position. You were tasked with overseeing a team of ten insurance salespeople. The sales competency you developed through the years may no longer completely apply to your new career opportunity. You now need to develop your management competencies.

The same goes for organizations. Let’s take the retail industry as an example. Retailers like department stores and book stores grew their business by expanding their brick and mortar presence. A major component of their strategy is to be everywhere their target market is. It was part of their marketing strategy for brand recognition.

However, in recent years, the retail business has morphed into a hybrid of the physical and digital world.

In the coming years, the ability to adapt and change quickly will be the hallmark of successful retailers. The focus will be on maximizing inventory turnover. Supply chain processes will be scrutinized for constant improvements. Customer experience still reigns supreme. Customers are now expecting quick deliveries and a merge between online and in-store shopping will become the norm.

Organizational transformation requires people transformation. Organizational transformation requires authentic leadership. Organizational transformation requires igniting people to perform at their full potential.

Organizational transformation starts now. It starts before you need to. Transformation begins before you are forced to start.

This is where, we at Vanguard Center for Leadership, can add value to your organization.

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