Transforming Organization means Transforming People


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In the 1930’s, the typical company listed in the S&P stay in this elite list of companies for an average of 90 years. Today, that lifespan has shortened tremendously to 18 years. The difference in company durability is shocking. It is very clear that companies must adopt, change, transform. Failing to do so means it is only a matter of time before another company takes on your market and customers.

70% of company transformations fail. That’s a huge percentage of failure.

Most companies forget that organisational transformation is not about the transforming the company processes & policies. It’s not about simply engaging employees with the flavour of the month program. Organizational transformation is never easy. It is never a straight line. Organizational transformation cannot be taken for granted. Organizational transformation cannot start from the bottom.

Transforming organisations is all about transforming people. Transforming people is about transforming behaviours. Transforming behaviours means transforming mindsets and defining a clear purpose. Transformation is about sustained change and not compliance.

Transforming organisation is about igniting people potentials and aligning their behaviours.

If you are ready to implement a sustained transformation program in your company, join us on Dec 4 and 5. Let us show you how to do it.

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