7-Point transformational tips

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash There is no silver bullet for all transformational needs. Every company has its own culture, needs, peculiarities, uniqueness, management maturity, leadership competencies that affect what approach will be successful. Even though we often hear about how a big percentage of transformations fail, we should also look at the positive side. How … Continue reading 7-Point transformational tips

Six tell-tale signs that our leadership superpowers may be dipping

When business is booming and the economy is raising our revenues, it's easy to perform our role as a leader. The key behaviors are easily manifested and evident to all employees. "Walking the talk" is easy. Leaders even preach the attributes of a good leader to their direct reports. They also enjoy dropping quotes from … Continue reading Six tell-tale signs that our leadership superpowers may be dipping

Transforming Organization means Transforming People

  In the 1930’s, the typical company listed in the S&P stay in this elite list of companies for an average of 90 years. Today, that lifespan has shortened tremendously to 18 years. The difference in company durability is shocking. It is very clear that companies must adopt, change, transform. Failing to do so means … Continue reading Transforming Organization means Transforming People