A 76 year old Uber driver with a purpose

My 22 minute Uber ride yesterday was different from the rest of the dozens rides I took before. Yesterday, I had the opportunity meet a dignified senior named Thomas.

Thomas is a 76 year old Uber driver that studied in the prestigious school of Ateneo. After getting through the usual small talk, he shared his experience attending the Victory Church in Greenhills. Pastor Dennis was talking about an upcoming game between La Salle and Ateneo. Pastor Dennis, hailing from La Salle, prayed for his school to win. Thomas and six other Atenistas walked out he recounted. Thomas did not take it personally and went back to attend Victory Greenhills for the next few years.

Thomas spoke in impeccable english as he shared his experienced the leadership of former President Marcos. He recalled that the Philippines infrastructure was maintained much better during the Marcos regime. In the former Presidents time, we were the main exporter of rice in Asia. Thomas was saddened by the fact that we now import rice from Thailand.

What amazed me about Thomas is what gets him up in the morning to drive his car for Uber. At his age, I am sure he can take it easy. Thomas can choose to spend his time playing with his grandkids.

With great pride he told me the reason why he drives an Uber. Thomas is supporting six scholars from the REAL Life Foundation of Victory Church. Every single peso he earns goes into funding the education of six young Filipinos. That’s very admirable. A 76 year old man with perfect eye sight driving for Uber to help six students achieve their dream of getting an education.

What drives Thomas in the morning is his purpose. A purpose that is noble and unselfish. God bless Thomas. I only wish there are more Thomas in the world regardless of age.

What are you passionate about? What gets you up in the morning? What’s your purpose?