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Who am I?

My fondest childhood memory was flying kites with my brothers in the open area in front of PICC. My parents would bring us there every Sunday. My two younger brothers would run as fast as possible while our only sister watched in awe as different kites flew overhead.

Life tends to lose its simplicity as we grow up. A few decades later, I found my passion in coding. I was a computer programmer in my early career. If you know about COBOL programming, you are probably born in the same decade as me. I gradually moved into various aspects of Information Technology. I started my career in Banking, working for Far East Bank and Trust. BPI took over FEBTC a few years later.

Two years later, I was given the opportunity to work for the most prominent commercial Bank in the Middle East. Working in Saudi Arabia was daunting at first. The group of Filipinos in my batch that moved to Saudi got regularly homesick. Calling back home in those days meant you needed to line up in a phone booth with dozens of coins in your pocket.

Gradually, I learned to love other types of work. A few years later, I moved to Quality management, Payment Operations, Banking Operations, Project Management Office. Finally, my last role was to Head the Strategy and Transformation Office. It was an exciting ride. I had my share of mistakes, and I also learned a great deal.

It was in Jeddah where I met my beautiful wife, Tez. Our son was born in Saudi as well. Despite the difficulty of living in a highly restrictive country, our family brings joy to our day-to-day life.

Twenty years later, after having acclimated to the Arab culture, my family and I decided to go back to the Philippines. My wife, who works for Saudi Arabian Airlines, requested to be based in Manila to be with us.

It was challenging to come back after a long time. Having a handful of connections was a challenge. A friend of mine from high school said that I should try and do a bit of training and consulting. After all, there was a lot of learning and experience gained in Saudi. The Bank I worked for always brought in the best US and European consulting firms to help the improve its leadership and operations.

Today, I have consulted for more than a dozen companies, big and small. Each engagement was exciting and unique.

There is one significant learning that cut across over three decades of corporate experience. I came across many different types of leadership. You can classify them into two buckets.

The first bucket contains leaders that are stuck in the past. These leaders lord their position over their employees. They instruct instead of developing their people. It is unfortunate that in this day and age, we still have leaders from the Industrial revolution. These leaders are stuck in the Taylor era, where employees are told what to do.

The second bucket contains leaders that are drive by service. Service to employees and customer is their priority. In addition, they are intent on developing their human capital and moving their organizations forward. These are effective servant leaders. These are leaders from Ken Blanchard, John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Tom Peters era.

It is this type of leadership that I believe in. Therefore, I made it my vision to promote, develop, enhance Effective Servant Leadership in any organization I am privileged to add value to.

After all, great leaders do not create great organizations. Great leaders create great people. Great people make great organizations.

A Brief Bio

  • I am a Victory group leader, father of two wonderful children, husband to a loving wife.
  • Over twenty-four (of which twenty years was spent working abroad) years of experience in the corporate world before going into training and consulting.
  • I have been invited to numerous public speaking opportunities, TV interviews and conducted countless sustainable leadership development programs for different industries.
  • A mentor to company executives and high-potential employees.
  • I have a wide range of leadership experience covering Information Technology, Operations Management, Quality Management, HR Management, Strategic Planning and Transformation and Business Development.
  • Head of Corporate Management Office PIMS Group of Companies
  • Former Director Special Projects, ENTECH (CBTL Co)
  • Former Business Development Director – CBTL, Director Vanguard (CBTL Co)
  • Former Chief Management Consultant (AGMC), CHRO (HMR), COO (Gatessoft), S&O Head (SosaJB), Exec Director for Continuing Education (iAcademy),
  • Former Saudi NCB Bank Executive for 20 years, IT Manager (Far East Bank)
  • Former COBOL and BASIC Computer Programmer

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