• Praise God even though we are considered a third world country and we were not ready for this pandemic, we are able to contain it quickly in the Philippines.

• Praise God we are not included in the top 10 countries infected by COVID-19 because our government was able to make quick and difficult decisions.

• Praise God even though our government is not as rich as the G8 countries we were able to act quickly in trying to arrest the situation.

• Praise God even though we have casualties and we do not have sufficient hospitals, test-kits, PPEs, and medical resources we have our survivors.

• Praise God even though there is famine in the land, our government has mobilized to feed everyone.

Even though we are in trying times, we urge everyone to stop focusing on the negative. Stop being a roadblock. Stop being part of the problem, be a part of the solution.
Even though we are facing these challenges, Focus on God and be thankful. Be grateful. Our National Government, LGU’s, Churches, companies are being united to help everyone.

Even though we have a pandemic, can’t you see the miracle of God in our midst?

Praise God for He is Good!

Be safe everyone.

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