Training Calendar 2022-Jan 2024

Welcome to the world of lifelong learners

Welcome! We believe that successful people are lifelong learners. Packing too many topics in a one-day training is not very effective. We believe that learning needs to be a ‘bite-sized,’ only a one-hour-long event. The ‘bite-sized’ training approach allows attendees to focus, process, and digest the lesson.

One request, though, is to ensure that you immediately apply what you learn from our training. Learning is not about attending training activities. Learning is about application and retention.

Learning = training + application + retention

Training that is not applied is a waste of time. It’s a waste of your time and the time of the facilitator. So let us immediately apply what we learn.

Be the best version of ourselves.

You will find the following topics covered in our training calendar:
– leadership development
– business development
– operational excellence
– branding & marketing
– motivational talks.

We invite you to join and learn. Please register yourself or your employees through the form below.

The link to the Tuesday 7pm training is:

Here are our topics to choose from:

a. Leadership Foundation
Oct 4 Leadership – The 3 layers of leadership (c/o Jordan)

  • leading oneself
  • leading another
  • leading others

Oct 11 Leadership – The four legs of leadership (c/o Jordan)

  • the heart of a leader
  • the mind of a leader
  • the actions of a leader
  • the behavior of a leader

Oct 18 Effectively motivate your people – Dealing with burnout (c/o Carlo Martin)

Oct 25 Business Development – The Basics of Selling (c/o Jordan)

Nov 8 Effectively brand your startup – The Importance of Brand Book (c/o Myke)

Nov 15 Business Development – Business communications (internal and to customers) (c/o Jordan)

Nov 22 Branding and Social Media training – Social media management: basic (c/o Al)

Nov 29 Business Development – Negotiation skills (c/o Jordan)

Dec 6 Business Development – Project Management (c/o Jordan)

Dec 13 Business Development – Developing Business Intelligence made simple (c/o Jordan)

b. Leadership skills

Dec 20 Leadership – Critical thinking – Logical reasoning (c/o Jordan)

Dec 27 Business Development – The Basics of Strategic Planning (c/o Jordan)


Jan 3 2023 Branding and Social Media training – Social media management: basic (c/o Al)

Jan 10 Leadership – Critical thinking – Understanding Biases (c/o Jordan)

Jan 17 Leadership – Critical thinking – Structured problem solving (c/o Jordan)

Jan 24 OPEN

Jan 31 Leadership – Planning and working – Work plan development (c/o Jordan)

Feb 7 Effectively motivate your people – Managing conflicts (c/o Carlo Martin)

Feb 14 OPEN

Feb 21 Leadership – Planning and working – Time management (c/o Jordan)

Mar 7 OPEN

Mar 14 Leadership – Planning and working – Agile thinking (c/o Jordan)

Mar 21 Branding and Social Media training – How to create Content (c/o Al)

Mar 28 Specials – Design Thinking – customer-centered creativity (c/o Jordan)

Apr 4 Effectively manage your startup – Data (c/o Jordan)

Apr 11 Branding and Social Media training – Content pillars (c/o Al)

Apr 18 Effectively manage your startup – Risk, and Issues (c/o Jordan)

Apr 25 Branding and Social Media training – Community Growth Management (c/o Al)

May 2 Leadership – Communication – Storytelling and public speaking (c/o Jordan)

May 9 Leadership – Communication – Asking the right questions (c/o Jordan)

May 16 OPEN

May 23 Specials – Project Management made easy – for non-project managers (c/o Jordan)

May 30 Leadership – Communication – Active listening (c/o Jordan)

June 6 OPEN

June 13 Leadership – Developing relationships – Empathy (c/o Jordan)

June 20 Leadership – Developing relationships – Inspiring trust (c/o Jordan)

June 27 OPEN

July 4 Effectively manage your startup – Vision (c/o Jordan)

July 11 Leadership – Developing relationships – Humility (c/o Jordan)

July 18 OPEN

July 25 Leadership – Developing relationships – Sociability (c/o Jordan)

Aug 1 Effectively brand your startup – Colors for Screen, Printing, and Packaging (c/o Myke)

Aug 8 Effectively manage your startup – Process (c/o Jordan)

Aug 15 Life/Success Coaching – Be/Do/Have training (c/o Al)

Aug 22 Effectively manage your startup – Execution (c/o Jordan)

Aug 29 Life/Success Coaching – How to manage your mental health (c/o Al)

Sep 5 Leadership – Teamwork – Fostering inclusiveness (c/o Jordan)

Sep 12 Leadership – Teamwork – Motivation (c/o Jordan)

Sep 19 Branding and Social Media training – Social media management: Advance (c/o Al)

Sep 26 Leadership – Teamwork – Resolving conflicts (c/o Jordan)

Oct 3 Leadership – Teamwork – Collaboration (c/o Jordan)

Oct 10 OPEN

Oct 17 Specials – The Four Disciplines of Execution – getting things done (c/o Jordan)

Oct 24 Leadership – Self Leadership – Understanding our emotions and triggers (c/o Jordan)

Oct 31 Leadership – Self Leadership – Self-control (c/o Jordan)

Nov 7 Effectively manage your startup – People (c/o Jordan)

Nov 14 Leadership – Self Leadership – Integrity (c/o Jordan)

Nov 21 Leadership – Self Leadership – Self-confidence (c/o Jordan)

Nov 28 Effectively motivate your people – Raising Emotional Intelligence (c/o Carlo Martin)

Dec 5 Leadership – Self-motivation (c/o Jordan)

Dec 12 Leadership – Goal minded – Ownership, and decisiveness (c/o Jordan)

Dec 19 Leadership – Goal minded – Goal-oriented (c/o Jordan)

Dec 26 OPEN


Jan 2, 2024 OPEN

Jan 9 Effectively brand your startup – Brand/Design Asset Management (c/o Myke)

Jan 16 Leadership – Goal-minded – Grit (c/o Jordan)

Jan 22 Leadership – Goal minded – Self-development (c/o Jordan)