Be responsible parents 

Let me share something about parenting. It is our responsibility to help our children to turn out to be great adults. That’s not the school’s responsibility. That’s not your pastor’s responsibility. That’s not your parent’s responsibility. That’s not anyone’s responsibility but yours, as a parent. How about you? Who do you think is responsible?

Build relationships before selling

Funny how people use social media messengers to hard sell people. I get dozens of connection requests every month. After a day or two of accepting, something funny happens. My new connection’s first message is a sales pitch. Guys! That does not work. Nobody wants a sales pitch from a total stranger. It all starts with building a relationship. How about you? Do you also get irritated like me?

Communicate clearly

If you are in marketing or sales, you cannot afford to underestimate the power of your communication skills. How will you properly get your message across? How will you effectively communicate the benefits of your products? To excel in your sales and marketing career, you must improve your communication skills. How about you? How critical are communication skills in your career?