One thing that separates us from animals is that we can decide how we react. You will get bitten if you step on a sleeping dog’s tail. When someone tries to get you upset, you have the choice to get upset or stay calm. Get better at choosing what emotion to bring out. Your life will be more peaceful. How about you? Does your emotion rule over your life?

Stay on track

Living a life of integrity and honor is not easy. You look around and might see fraudulent people getting ahead of you. But, just because some people take the wrong path does not mean we should. Keep on the right track, and you will live a peaceful life. How about you? Will you stay on the right track?

Be responsible parents 

Let me share something about parenting. It is our responsibility to help our children to turn out to be great adults. That’s not the school’s responsibility. That’s not your pastor’s responsibility. That’s not your parent’s responsibility. That’s not anyone’s responsibility but yours, as a parent. How about you? Who do you think is responsible?