SME Collective Mastermind Community

Be part of the 14% of startups that thrive past the first ten years of business.

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of U.S. small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of their fifth year, roughly 50% have faltered. After 10 years, only around a third survive.

Only 14% of startup businesses get through the 10th year. Be part of that elite 14%. Join our community where we help each other be better startup operators.

Exclusive community

In Our Mastermind community

Together we conquer the unknown. We test or develop ideas into a business with the help of like-minded Entreps. We learn with and from each other. We grow our business together.


Our Purpose

In our mastermind community, our business members learn how to grow their business with the help of the community.

Our Community Core Values

•We default to action

•We encourage creativity

•We hold ourselves accountable

•We work well with each other

Collectively Learn how to:

– Clearly define your startup

– Efficiently operate and market your startup

– Effectively lead your startup

How we learn in our community

⁃ We learn simple & practical startup theories

⁃ We learn by applying the theory

⁃ We learn from each other’s experience in the startup world

What SME Collective Mastermind brings to the table

  1. Monthly workshops on the different aspects of starting a business; from the creation of the business model, testing a minimum viable product, to marketing, leading & operating a startup. These workshops are recorded and become part of our library for new members. We also rerun key topics often so new members can benefit.
  2. Weekly Facilitated group discussions with a structured agenda. The split is 20% theory and 80% discussion on the application of learnings.
  3. Onboarding new members include a buddy system pairing new members with more experienced entrepreneurs.
  4. Member Interviews and sharing of success stories. Sharing recorded interviews with the members. These will eventually serve as podcast content.
  5. Podcast guesting of members. The service is planned for the start of year two.
  6. Online mini-learning courses on starting, leading, marketing, and operating a startup will gradually be added. Free for members and paid for non-members. This is scheduled sometime in year two.
  7. We will be having guests from investment brokers to help guide members seeking investors.

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Startup Collective

Some of the startup topics our collective will cover in our weekly huddle and discussions

We will be launching Startup Collective on May 30, 2022, at 7PM Manila/HK time.

Join Now and see you in May!


Coming soon! Exclusive benefits and services in addition to the Free membership services.