Living our work Values

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For the last few months, we had been encouraging our team members to seek our APEX (be authentic, be purpose driven and be excellent) values being exhibited by our colleagues. Values are useless unless they are lived by people. Values are useless unless it is rooted into a culture.

Every weekly meeting, we encourage sharing stories of colleagues having lived one of the three values in the past week. We entice this behavior, in the beginning, with prizes hoping that one day the values become a norm in the company.

This week, after three of our colleagues sharing their story, it struck on me that I had witnessed a colleague from HR exhibiting all three values. Let me share her story.

Last weekend, our team members went to EK for a day of de-stressing in our local theme park. On the drive home, my colleague from HR shared something interesting. Apparently, she is an avid learner. She enjoys jotting down tips every Monday, during our team meetings. She was so enthused with her learning opportunity at work that she could not contain it to herself. On every opportunity that arises, she would energetically share her learnings with her friends.

She believes deep in her heart that learning is an opportunity that should be visibly celebrated through sharing knowledge with others. It is not enough that we learn something new. The true values come from sharing knowledge with others. She does not need to share. However, she is always compelled by her conviction to share her learnings for the week.

Veng is authentic, she cannot contain her passion to share her learnings with others.

Veng has a clear purpose to help others.

Veng is excellent as she purposefully learns new things in order to get better in life and at work.

Veng has shown us one way of living all three values. Thank you, Veng.










Am I Surrounding Myself With The Right People?

Another interesting read from my daily Bible reading.

The first churches were started by a bunch of common men and women who loved Jesus and loved seeing people meet Jesus. Their success wasn’t based on their position or their training, but on their passion.

Attitudes are contagious. One thing I love about the team I serve with is that being around them and discussing church, ministry and life in general, stirs my passion for what I do.

If you read through the book of Acts, Paul had a team of people who worked with him to try and accomplish a vision that was larger than he could have ever imagined. Any great leader knows you cannot persevere without great people.

An excellent leader will always persevere because they are not trying to do what they are doing alone. They’ve built a team with people who understand they are valued, their opinions are not only welcomed but necessary, and the goal is the advancement of an organization—not the attention of an individual.

You know you have the right team when you don’t just love the work you do, you love the people you do it with. You know you have the right team when problems do not belong to “me” but rather they belong to “we!” You know you have the right team when the people you lead love you and the organization too much to allow team members to make a ridiculous decision.

The right team will refuse to allow personal preferences to dictate decisions and will embrace uncomfortable conversations. The right team will bring people in when making a decision that directly impacts their area, understanding that this does not slow down the process, but speeds it up, because people are way more likely to buy into a decision when they’ve had input.

What’s Next:
Do you have the right people around you? People who would stick with you no matter what the circumstances?

Is there anything about your attitude that you don’t want to pass to your team? What steps can you take this week to set the tone for the people you lead?

Am I Giving It My Best?

Good day,

This article is from my daily devotion. It is very applicable in today’s workplace.

I hope you enjoy it and see the value it brings on how we look at our work.

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If someone special comes over for dinner, you don’t start pulling the leftovers out of the fridge. You go all out to give them your absolute best.

God gave us His very best when He sent Jesus to the cross, and God calls us to give our best to Him as well.

I once heard a football player say, “the separation is in the preparation.” The reason his team was winning was because they prepared the best they could for each game. What set them apart from other teams wasn’t their facilities or their skill, but their preparation.

The same is true for us. The separation between good and great organizations is the preparation people are willing to put into doing the absolute best they can do. Organizations that anticipate great things prepare for greater things.

Sitting around wanting something great for yourself, your company, or your church is not a bad thing; in fact, it can be the fuel that sets the vision in your heart on fire.  However, many times it’s not a lack of vision that holds us back from achieving  maximum potential, but rather our lack of execution.

There will never be a day when we don’t have a next step to take in our walk with Jesus or in our roles as leaders. We don’t have to be perfect, but we should work hard, learn as much as we can, and THEN trust God to make up the difference.

We cannot effectively lead people long term if we are not dedicated to increasing our leadership capacity. As long as we are learning, we are growing. When you stop growing as a leader, you begin dying as one.

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